Living Tweeterpated

First of all, my name is Thuy, pronounced twee, hence the title of my blog.  :)  I am an overall girly girl with a little country in me.  I love my family, love my friends, love anything pink, and love LOVE. I’m not even talking about the love with a boy feeling but with life, with the people in it and the little thing that make me happy, like opening a Mamba pack and finding out I got strawberry AND raspberry! It’s like opening the chocolate bar and finding the golden ticket! Who really likes the orange and lemon flavor?!

So why live tweeterpated?! because it’s the way to go of course! :)  I love the feeling of being twitterpated.  I find myself twitterpated at times and it’s the best feeling!  It’s like not having a care in the world because you are happy.  Twitterpated comes from the Disney movie, Bambi.  It’s when Flower & Thumper were wondering why two birds were acting a silly.  The owl explains that they are twitterpated which is a feeling when you meet a pretty face and get weak in the knees.  It’s a great feeling to be excited about something, let alone someone!  It makes you realize that life is good.

People say I am a people person and I believe that 100%.  I love talking to people.  I enjoy meeting new friends.  When you meet me, you’ll see a cheery upbeat girl.  I say I live my life a little tweeterpated: loving life, being happy and making sure I enjoy ever bit of it!


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