sweet smiles

I am overall a very positive person, but feeling down is going to happen from time to time.  It’s life right?!  Think about the time you found a dollar on the ground (better yet, $20).  Or think about the time you found the shirt you wanted in your size! SCORE!  Or when your grandma said something adorable that makes you so proud to be her granddaughter.  :)    We tend to forget the little things in life.  We get sucked into the bad parts of our day.  Just relax and start thinking about the things that have make you S M I L E : )

a few of mine are:

  1. a sunny day, living in the Pacific Northwest you don’t get much and when you do, everyone is so much nicer!
  2. waking up in a good mood
  3. shopping.  new clothes = dressing up = feeling confident throughout the day!
  4. changing my duvet cover every month.  it’s like getting a new bedroom every month!
  5. fresh flowers.  it’s hard when all of my living flowers & plants die after a week, but when they are bright and alive, it feels like you’re bringing the spring & summer weather inside!
  6. getting into a made bed 
  7. knowing that i have my family that i can always count on
  8. knowing that i am lucky to be surrounded by great friends
  9. walking into a craft store. inspiration runs wild in my head when i first walk through the doors!
  10. Wendy’s chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce. enough said.
  11. a good day at work :)
  12. vanilla soy lattes
  13. looking at pictures of my puppy i had for only a week and a half…baby bella!
  14. cuddling with my 5 yr old cousin while he plays on the “big phone” aka ipad playing angry birds
  15. sitting in the living room with my mom, dad and sister watching a cartoon movie.   it is the cutest thing to see my dad turn into a little boy when he watches funny movies
  16. seeing a thoughtful random act
  17. seeing things that remind me of my childhood, which then in turns reminds me of all the fun times my sister and i had when we were growing up
  18. salmon rolls
  19. seeing elderly people.  i have a soft spot for them.  i worked at a retirement home and was always intrigued with the stories they had to share.  people are full of life and it’s amazing the things they have gone through.  remember, they were once your age…treat them with respect.
  20. with that being said…i especially love the old asian couples.  they remind me of my parents and grandparents.  i think about what it was like for them during the war, before and after and how life has changed for them.  every time i see an old asian couple, i just want to sit down and talk to them!
  21. a bowl full of gummi bears
  22. colors! i love colors!  i can stand in front of the paint samples and just be in awe. 
  23. country music.
  24. nice people
  25. matt.  it’s incredible to understand how this one person can light up my life.

3 thoughts on “sweet smiles

  1. maryrmoro@yahoo.com says:


    You are one of the most amazing people I know! I love your new entry! I love that you are taking time to really appreciate what you have. I’m
    so proud of you! You are so positive and I can’t help but be inspired! I LOVE YOU!!!!

    • Thuy says:

      YOU are a BIG part of why I am the person I am. You have constantly reminded me to always be happy every day. I look forward to your morning text. It makes me smile every time. I absolutely adore you and love you to pieces! Thank you for keeping me grounded :)

  2. maryrmoro@yahoo.com says:


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