Valentine’s Day, the Ultimate Test

Happy hearts day!  My favorite day!  It might not seem like it since for the last 6 years I haven’t done anything for it!  Matt and I decided a long time ago that everyday with each other is Valentine’s Day.  Awwwww… yes I know ;)  I had to say that, after all, it’s Valentine’s Day aka “being corny today is okay” day!  In all reality though, I think Valentine’s Day is a test for the boys.  I think it’s wonderful.  Yes, on Christmas you want a really good gift but you can’t get THAT upset if you get a webcam because he DID have an adorable reason behind it.  However, on Valentine’s Day, you tell your BF you don’t care about this day but really, it means the world to you. :)  Today has become such a money making holiday…flowers being delivered and fancy restaurants being packed with couples!  If you know Matt at all, you will know he is not the best gift giver.  I have a garbage can to prove it. ;)  The 14th day of February is the ultimate test of showing your loved one how much they mean to you.  I might say I don’t want anything but I really mean, “Please make me a card!”

Guess what.  Having a scrapbook room comes in handy!

Laying next to me on my pillow was a card made just for me. :)

Matt passed the test today . . . actually, everyday.

Here is something else to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit!  My favorite Valentine’s Day song, Kina Grannis – Valentine

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, the Ultimate Test

  1. jesse says:

    oh my goodness!!! way to go matt! love you guys :)

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