Korean Menu 101

So today is Day 1 of being without Matt. It was sad saying our goodbyes but after that, all I could think of was all the asian food I can finally eat without feeling bad that it’s going to stink up our house!!!!! YAYYY!!! So immediately after work, I knew I was going to eat at the Korean BBQ place in Silverdale. (Not my favorite Korean BBQ place but when you live in Silverdale, you’ll settle for pretty much anything.)

I was so excited. I looked at the menu, saw a name that looked familiar and ordered what I thought was the dish…the dish I had been drooling over all day. The great thing about Korean BBQ is that you get little side dishes before like appetizers. I was watching the waitress give out little plates to everyone around me but mine never came. :( All of a sudden she puts a plate of Korean style sushi in front of me. I smile and say thank you but what I was really thinking was, “Wow. I’m definitely a horrible Asian! I can’t even order!!” This was not the dish I wanted! Yes, I’m Vietnamese, but the Korean dish I wanted, well every Asian knows what it’s called! I was thinking about all my Asian friends and how disappointed they would have been. FYI anything that has “Kim Bab” in the name is sushi!

As I was eating my Kim Bab I was debating whether or not I should take another stab at ordering. After all, I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish! Little that I knew, I should have looked up the name online before hand.

So I gave it another try. Now I’m thinking this has to be it! As I am waiting, my little plates of “appetizers” finally came out. So far so good right?!

Absolutely NOT! Yet again, I failed. Lesson for today…do not eat alone! If you do, make sure you or the other person can read the menu!

BIBIMBAP (below) is what I wanted.

If this doesn’t look yummy to you, read this and maybe you’ll know why I was craving it!

Instead, I got this (Take 1)… aka Bulgogi Kimbab

..and this (Take 2)… aka Kalbi Dolsot Bibim Bap

Yup, I didn’t even want to attempt a 3rd try. I was too full at this point. I give up!

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