Alone with Grandma

Someone had to pick Grandma up so I volunteered. I agreed to pick her up not only because I wanted her company, but to experience the conversation we were about to have in the car. If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that my 5 year old cousin Logan can have a longer Vietnamese conversation with my Grandma then I can. I know, so sad.

So once in the car, her questions and comments start rolling in. As she’s asking me questions, I’m quickly trying to figure out how I’ll answer in Vietnamese. Out comes a poorly pronounced Vietnamese word, mixed with English words. Poor Grandma probably thinks all those times she babysat me were pointless!

I thought I understood Vietnamese pretty well but I guess not! There was a point in our quick car ride where she mentioned my Grandpa. She was reminiscing on old but happy memories and told me she missed him. After that, I heard her ask me if I had recently visited his grave. I responded with a “No.” All of a sudden she turned to me with shock! It was weird she responded like that because I thought it was a given that everyone knows I don’t visit him as much as I should, so I sincerely apologized. Then she goes, in Vietnamese, “You don’t love me?!”

OMG. My Grandma asked me if I loved her and NOT if I visited my Grandpa!

Because I couldn’t understand her, I accidentally told my Grandma I didn’t love her. :( Time to go back to learning the basics of my Vietnamese culture! I think I’ve been living out in Silverdale for way too long. Time to get back to my roots!

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