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I said, Yes.

December 26, 2011

Tonight I’m going to bed as the future Mrs. Matt Hedrick. (wow that was a little intense to write … I like the sound of it though) Vi had to fly back to California today, so I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. I asked her and my mom to come along with us as we walk Bentley along Ruston Way’s waterfront.

As we started our journey down the waterfront, I knew it was going to be exciting, not because I had any idea of what was going to happen, but because it was our first time walking Bentley around people, fast cars, loud trains and barking dogs. It’s amazing how such a tiny dog can bark so loud…and so much! It’s embarrassing really!

When we reached the end of the walk, Bentley was pretty much barked out. I think it was because that was the most walking this 4lbs overweight dog as ever experienced. Poor dog. But right when I thought Matt was done testing Bentley, Matt suggested taking him out on the dock. I was thinking “oh boy, he’s going to bolt toward a seagull and fall off the dock into the water…”

Vi and my mom stayed back because they didn’t want to walk anymore. As Matt and I were walking down the dock, he reminded me that this was the first place we had our first date, 6 years ago. Back then it was sunny and beautiful, whereas today was cold and gray. But I was having a great time. I was surrounded by my mom, sister, Matt aka my best friend and our baby, Bentley. My dad is in Vietnam having fun with his father and siblings so just knowing that made my heart happy. I was content. Little did I know, it was going to get even better.

When we got to the end of the dock, I figured we were done and could turn around. Instead, Matt again brought up how many years it’s been since we first started dating. I again agreed that it has been a long time. Matt starts hugging me, but I’m thinking to myself, it’s cold, let’s go back to the car! i let him hug me for a moment longer because honestly there was no rushing today! Our afternoon stroll had been a success. Bentley wasn’t doing too bad AND no one yelled at mom; it’s a good day!

This hug was different. I thought he was just getting all emotional and wanted to talk about how much he loves me…like he does often so that was no surprise. Well turns out the surprise was that he DIDN’T say those things! Instead, we started walking back! :(

As we were walking back towards my mom and sister, he stops in the middle of the dock and randomly hugs me…again. Now it’s getting a little weird. This time, I felt a box in his coat pocket. He later said he put the camera in his pocket just incase I asked him what the “box” was…sneaky sneaky! With his arms wrapped around me, he tells me he has a question to ask me. He steps back, reaches in his pocket for the box, gets down on one knee, opens the box and asks, “Will you marry me?”

OMG. I know right?! It happened all so quick! For years I pictured how I wanted this moment to be. Tears falling down my cheeks, jumping up and down with excitement, on a warm sunny day! Hmmm….yeah, none of that!

This moment was better!

Just him and I and oh…Bentley! Poor Bentley! When Matt was getting down on one knee, I had stepped back and poor baby, I stepped on his paw! He’s okay though, I am pretty sure he was excited for us.

Just Matt and I, back where we first got to know each other. I knew Matt was going to be someone I could trust, someone I could run to when I needed help. I knew I could tell him anything and he would understand. Six years ago, I was standing on a dock with the man I was going to marry.

On the same dock where we first held hands, I said yes.

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