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Take 3, 4, 5 or 6?!

No it didn’t take me 6 tries to order the actual dish I wanted from the Korean store. It took 6 family members to make sure I got it right!

My last post got one of my aunts, Aunt Phi craving for Korean food!

As Aunt Phi and I were going over our game plan for when and where to meet, we asked ourselves a very importantquestion, who’s placing the order?!

Solution! We decided to invite the “smart and intelligent” one in the family, Aunt Be. For some crazy reason this lady knows how to speak a whole bunch of different languages! So now we have Aunt Phi, Aunt Be who brought cousin Logan because they were already together and then me!

But that wasn’t enough. If all of us go, Grandma has to go! (Grandma is a packaged deal when inviting the bunch above.) I volunteer to pick her up.

Now, it’s Aunt Phi, Aunt Be, Logan ( and his 6 Lego people), Grandma and me. I felt bad I didn’t invite my mom so I sent her a quick text. She responded by telling me Aunt Phi already called her and that she’d see me soon. News travels fast in our family!

Okay now it’s both my aunts, cousin, Grandma, my mother and me. We sit down and as we look around at each other, we know we are missing one more person! Five minutes later, the eldest sister (another aunt) comes and joins us! It’s a packed table now. We eat, we make fun of each other and share stories. It was great hanging out with my family! I think my family felt bad for me for not knowing how to order and wanted to make sure I was fed so they all agreed to come. Haha.

After all that, I didn’t even touch the Bim Bap Bap thingy I originally wanted. I was having too much fun being with my family.



Picture Courtesy of Wogan Whea

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Korean Menu 101

So today is Day 1 of being without Matt. It was sad saying our goodbyes but after that, all I could think of was all the asian food I can finally eat without feeling bad that it’s going to stink up our house!!!!! YAYYY!!! So immediately after work, I knew I was going to eat at the Korean BBQ place in Silverdale. (Not my favorite Korean BBQ place but when you live in Silverdale, you’ll settle for pretty much anything.)

I was so excited. I looked at the menu, saw a name that looked familiar and ordered what I thought was the dish…the dish I had been drooling over all day. The great thing about Korean BBQ is that you get little side dishes before like appetizers. I was watching the waitress give out little plates to everyone around me but mine never came. :( All of a sudden she puts a plate of Korean style sushi in front of me. I smile and say thank you but what I was really thinking was, “Wow. I’m definitely a horrible Asian! I can’t even order!!” This was not the dish I wanted! Yes, I’m Vietnamese, but the Korean dish I wanted, well every Asian knows what it’s called! I was thinking about all my Asian friends and how disappointed they would have been. FYI anything that has “Kim Bab” in the name is sushi!

As I was eating my Kim Bab I was debating whether or not I should take another stab at ordering. After all, I couldn’t stop thinking about this dish! Little that I knew, I should have looked up the name online before hand.

So I gave it another try. Now I’m thinking this has to be it! As I am waiting, my little plates of “appetizers” finally came out. So far so good right?!

Absolutely NOT! Yet again, I failed. Lesson for today…do not eat alone! If you do, make sure you or the other person can read the menu!

BIBIMBAP (below) is what I wanted.

If this doesn’t look yummy to you, read this and maybe you’ll know why I was craving it!

Instead, I got this (Take 1)… aka Bulgogi Kimbab

..and this (Take 2)… aka Kalbi Dolsot Bibim Bap

Yup, I didn’t even want to attempt a 3rd try. I was too full at this point. I give up!

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