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Alone with Grandma

Someone had to pick Grandma up so I volunteered. I agreed to pick her up not only because I wanted her company, but to experience the conversation we were about to have in the car. If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that my 5 year old cousin Logan can have a longer Vietnamese conversation with my Grandma then I can. I know, so sad.

So once in the car, her questions and comments start rolling in. As she’s asking me questions, I’m quickly trying to figure out how I’ll answer in Vietnamese. Out comes a poorly pronounced Vietnamese word, mixed with English words. Poor Grandma probably thinks all those times she babysat me were pointless!

I thought I understood Vietnamese pretty well but I guess not! There was a point in our quick car ride where she mentioned my Grandpa. She was reminiscing on old but happy memories and told me she missed him. After that, I heard her ask me if I had recently visited his grave. I responded with a “No.” All of a sudden she turned to me with shock! It was weird she responded like that because I thought it was a given that everyone knows I don’t visit him as much as I should, so I sincerely apologized. Then she goes, in Vietnamese, “You don’t love me?!”

OMG. My Grandma asked me if I loved her and NOT if I visited my Grandpa!

Because I couldn’t understand her, I accidentally told my Grandma I didn’t love her. :( Time to go back to learning the basics of my Vietnamese culture! I think I’ve been living out in Silverdale for way too long. Time to get back to my roots!

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Take 3, 4, 5 or 6?!

No it didn’t take me 6 tries to order the actual dish I wanted from the Korean store. It took 6 family members to make sure I got it right!

My last post got one of my aunts, Aunt Phi craving for Korean food!

As Aunt Phi and I were going over our game plan for when and where to meet, we asked ourselves a very importantquestion, who’s placing the order?!

Solution! We decided to invite the “smart and intelligent” one in the family, Aunt Be. For some crazy reason this lady knows how to speak a whole bunch of different languages! So now we have Aunt Phi, Aunt Be who brought cousin Logan because they were already together and then me!

But that wasn’t enough. If all of us go, Grandma has to go! (Grandma is a packaged deal when inviting the bunch above.) I volunteer to pick her up.

Now, it’s Aunt Phi, Aunt Be, Logan ( and his 6 Lego people), Grandma and me. I felt bad I didn’t invite my mom so I sent her a quick text. She responded by telling me Aunt Phi already called her and that she’d see me soon. News travels fast in our family!

Okay now it’s both my aunts, cousin, Grandma, my mother and me. We sit down and as we look around at each other, we know we are missing one more person! Five minutes later, the eldest sister (another aunt) comes and joins us! It’s a packed table now. We eat, we make fun of each other and share stories. It was great hanging out with my family! I think my family felt bad for me for not knowing how to order and wanted to make sure I was fed so they all agreed to come. Haha.

After all that, I didn’t even touch the Bim Bap Bap thingy I originally wanted. I was having too much fun being with my family.



Picture Courtesy of Wogan Whea

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